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Stop The Middle Eight
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Who We Are

STOP THE MIDDLE EIGHT is a coalition of nearly a 1,000 Franklin residences that are concerned about the lack of community input that was considered during the initial approval,  and total lack of  awareness about this project. Most local residences were never informed  about the Middle Eight Development, even people living less than a block away, and you have to ask yourself why that is. Such a large project like the Middle Eight will have long lasting negative affects forever altering the character and charm of historical Franklin.

We are asking for a vast reduction in the project's scope and size to better fit the surrounding neighborhood. 




We need to SHOW UP in numbers to let the BOMA know we are paying attention to how they vote.  We still have time to impact the size and density of this development.  BUT if the BONA votes a second time in favor of the project, we have lost the battle.


WE ARE NOT asking for NO development, just development that is right-sized for historic downtown Franklin.


7:00 pm at City Hall Tuesday evening - Attendees will have two minutes to speak, please arrive early to sign up if you would like to make a statement.  Please have it written down, so you can have the best impact.


PLAN NOW to attend to make a difference in how our small part of Franklin grows and invite your neighbor and friends!

The "Why" Behind The Movement

Put simply if this project is approved it will lay the ground work for future developments where local codes and zoning requirements will no longer matter. This will not be the last 6 story building but the FIRST of many. Some of the most egregious elements of this proposed development include:

  • A removal of historical designation of the Truett Property to allow for rezoning.

  • A rezoning of a R4 residential parcel to a multi family residential. 

  • Allowing a non conforming 6 story building to be constructed next to multiple single family residential homes.

  • The lack of adequate traffic control studies and how it will affect the local residences.

  •  Allowing a density of 271 units on a little over 7 acres. That is a density of over 38 units per acre.

  • The complete degradation of the small town feel that Franklin is known for to make way for a high density mix use redesign of Franklin.

  • The reduction from 529 parking spaces to 407 as per city zoning. 

  • The allowance of a restaurant in a zoned residential area.

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How Did We Get Here?

Members of the Franklin Board of Mayor & Alderman (BOMA) and The Historic zoning Commission provided preliminary approval for this development, after some were approached by both Toby and Amanda McKeehan, and the Truland Development Group. How can a project of this size that will redefine the spirit of Franklin be decided by just a handful of individuals without community input ?

How To Help

  1. Sign the Petition Demanding That Your Voices Are Heard to Reduce The Size and Scope.


2. Write and Call the Mayor and your local Alderman to express your concerns.

Mayor Ken Moore

(615) 794-9863  (

Ward 1 Beverly Burger

(615) 498-4794  (

Ward 2 Matt Brown

(615) 651-4757 (

 Ward 3 Jason Potts


 Ward 4 Patrick Baggett

(615) 861-1033 (

 At-Large Gabrielle Hanson

(615) 205-2511 (

 At-Large Ann Petersen

(615) 794-6033 (

At-Large Clyde Barnhill

 (615) 415-2356 (

At-Large Brandy Blanton

(615) 300-5251 (​

Principal Planner – Joey Bryan   

(615) 550-6730 

OFFICIAL City Email to Take In Comments

3. Come to the City Meetings To Make Your Voices Heard and demand a reduction in size and scope.

List of Future Public Meetings and Hearings:


Public Meeting Where You Can Speak. Show up to show support even if you do not want to speak 

WHEN: 4.25.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

Franklin Municipal Planning Commission Meeting

Public Meeting Where You Can NOT Speak. However we need to make our presence know by showing up.  

WHEN: 4.27.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

Franklin Municipal Planning Commission Meeting

Public Meeting Where You Can Speak 

WHEN: 5.25.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

BOMA Meeting

WHEN: 6.13.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

BOMA (First Reading) Meeting

WHEN: 6.27.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

BOMA (Second Reading) Meeting

Public Meeting Where You Can Speak 

WHEN: 8.8.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

BOMA (Third Reading) Meeting & VOTING 

WHEN: 8.22.2023 @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: City Hall Board Room

109 Third Ave South Franklin TN 37064 

Historical Zoning Committee Final Certificate VOTE 

WHEN: 9.11.2023 @ TBD


Contract Signature

Historical Zoning Commission Approval of "Middle Eight" on February 13th 2023

Jump to 1:49:00 In Video For Middle Eight 

  • 1:50:00: Staff  announces community workshop at Factory on February 16th at the Factory AFTER this meeting and AFTER it was approved by Historical. The community workshop was the first time it was available to the public to see it.

Planning Commission Approval of "Properties South Of Liberty Pike And West Of Daniels Drive, East Of The Truett House" (aka Middle Eight) on March 23rd,  2023

Jump to 1:10:00 In Video For "Properties South Of Liberty Pike And West Of Daniels Drive, East Of The Truett House" (aka Middle Eight) 

1:14:40 Public Comments 

1:17:50 Presentation by Applicant

The Middle Eight Neighborhood Meeting April 5th 2023

  • You will notice in this meeting the developer purposely left out several slides from there original presentation to the city. Including the one showcasing the lower level highlighting the fact it is a 6 story structure from the rear not 5. (They left out slides from the public hearing. This is purposely deceptive.)

  • 1:55 "The Middle 8 project is there to build upon the Factory District" (The developers said it themselves, this is intended to be an extension of the Factory district.)

  • 2:14 " protect the value of Franklin's unique charm" (Do they honestly think a high density mix use development right next to single family homes is "protecting" the value and charm of the area?)


  • 3:45 "..the Middle 8 is the culmination of a project built off the buzz of the factory.." (They are saying it themselves, this has nothing to do with housing is it intended to be apart of the new Factory District)

City Of Franklin Planning Commission- Where They Approved the Middle 8

  • JUMP TO 11:30

  • 12:20 They talk about  being granted the commercial zoning amendment as long as it "Was a use that supports the surrounding community." Later you will hear the developer talk about this area being used as a restaurant. That is not what the commercial area was given approval for. Where are all of those people supposed to park that come to the restaurant.

  • 13:15 For the public comments they asked  The Stop The Middle Eight Group to only have a few representatives speak and not everyone that was there. They were more concerned about the time they had to be there instead of hearing the concerns of the people of Franklin.

  • 1:24:00 Alderman Peterson brings up the density and height of this project is not comparable to anything else in downtown. 

  • 1:26:00 Alderman Peterson talks about the impervious (concrete) area of the development and the concerns of green space.

  • 1:31:00 Commissioner Scott Har talks about his kids not being able to afford rent in Franklin and that is why he is for this project. People in the city should  not be making decisions that will alter the character of the city based on what might be beneficial for their family

  • 1:35:00 - 1:37.00 Alderman Peterson makes the note the density is 38.1 units per acre. Nothing in Franklin comes within half of that.

  • 1:37:40 Developer talks about landscape surface area. He says his development is at 30%. However they do not tell you that area is coming from the storm water retention pond that they have in the back of the development as well as the 75' natural buffer behind the single family homes. Both of these areas will not be accesible to the public.

  • 1:40:40 The developer is trying to make the case about the development having an open space ratio of 43%. However what the developer does not tell us is they are taking into consideration the STREET, and the penthouse patios into the percentage. Can you honestly tell me that they assume people to "use" the middle of the street as open space. Are the people that own the pent house going to let us up and hang out on their patio. They are deceptive in their calculation.

  • 1:44:40 The board brings up the point that this development is going to be within 30" of Jamison station. The developer does not agree rather states a height of 57' that he is going to maintain. Once again they presented one thing to the public and the city and are trying to do another.


  • 1:48:50 It finally comes out that they are wanting to have a RESTAURANT IN THAT COMMERCIAL AREA. 

  • 1:53:20 The developer is asking for 1.02 parking spaces for 1 bedroom apartments and a reduction for 2 bedroom units from 2.5 spaces per unit to 1.89 spaces per unit. And a reduction 3 spaces per 3 bedroom unit to 2.76 spaces per 3 bedroom unit. There is not enough spaces to fit 2 cars for 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom unit. Everyone has cars and it is ridiculous to think a couple that is renting a 1 or 2 bedroom  unit will not have 2 cars. They are requesting a reduction of spaces from 529 spaces to 407 spaces a reduction of 122 units.

  • 1:56:00 - 2:00:00 The developer does not want to have a condition of height restriction as apart of their proposal. They are selling the development as one thing then doing something different.

  • 2:02:00 - 2:18:49 Parking is discussed. Some of the key points 

    • The parking is gated and will not be access able to anyone besides the residence.​

    • They stated they were going to be a full time attendant at the parking  gate.

    • Visitors will not have access to the gated parking area they will park on the street.

    • They are asking for variances for parking and trying to BS their way through it.

Toby McKeehan

Owner of the Truett House and Partner of Truland Development Group

From The Williamson Herald Feb 14th 2023 
"..However, as stewards of this property and it being in our own backyard, we felt that no one was proposing a project that was the right fit for our neighborhood and greater Franklin.”

Ask yourself is a 6 story building  the right fit?

In Their Own Words

Charles Rulick, CA

Partner of Truland Development Group

From His Own Website (
His multidisciplinary experience in landscape architecture, master planning and real estate provides for a holistic perspective in maximizing the value of a property based on an informed vision

Ask yourself does a developer from Los Angeles, CA who's focus is on "maximizing the value of a property" have the best interest in mind for Franklin locals?

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